Carla Patulny has a Bachelor of Marine Science and Management (Honours). Her Honours research focused on the social structure of Australian Humpback Dolphins. Carla was the 2019 team leader of cetacean research for Eli-Scientific in Nicaragua. Carla also has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching and has been an educator in the early childhood education sector for over 20 years. Following her time in Nicaragua, Carla became interested in developing a similar program in Australia; which could combine her background in education with her developing career in marine mammal research and conservation. A deep respect and belief in Association ELI-S key values led Carla, in collaboration with Association ELI-S, to develop an Australian branch; Asociation ELI-S Australia.  


Karen Pendleton has a Masters of Marine Science and Management and has also been a teacher of young children for many years. Karen loves nature and has always felt at home when near the ocean. As such, she is highly passionate about the marine environment and the importance of its conservation so that future generations can enjoy all of its wonders. Karen believes that children are the future custodians of the environment, and it is therefore vital that their natural curiosity and sense of wonder is fostered to create future guardians of the ocean. Karen is very excited to join Association ELI-S and be a part of this important journey in Australia.