We seek to share moments that mark the life of any person.

We want to convey fundamental values: respect, sharing, solidarity, kindness and honesty.


We use sport to allow all audiences to be integrated into society.

Our activities allow us to:

Fight against exclusion (physical, racial, social, gender, etc.)

Work for social and human cohesion

Bring parity

Integrating people with disabilities


We use science to create environmental awareness.

Our activities allow us to:

Sensitize all publics to the environmental problematic

Generate a unique database on cetaceans in the country

Put in place management measures for the protection of marine life

Giving equal opportunities to men and women


We use sport and science to educate the public on environmental protection. Our actions are built around sustainability and ecology since it is a theme that is important to us.


We organize humanitarian missions to support local communities in developing countries.

In addition, we raise awareness about disability and we act to include the disabled public through different activities.